Adult and child physical activity benefits from taking your dog to the park
ISPAH ePoster Library. Veitch J. Oct 16, 2018; 225140; 74
Dr. Jenny Veitch
Dr. Jenny Veitch
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Abstract Introduction:<\b>
The study examined whether adults and children who visit the park with a dog, visit more often, spend more time, and are more physically active during their park visits compared to those who visit the park without a dog. Methods:<\b>
Adults residing nearby two parks in Melbourne, Australia completed surveys in 2013 on their usual park visitation during the past three months. They reported whether they visited with their dog, the frequency and duration of visits, activity performed and time spent being physically active. They also proxy-reported corresponding items regarding their child’s (2-15 years) park visits. Ordinal logistic regressions and multiple linear regressions examined associations between visiting the park with a dog and the outcome variables. Results:<\b>
Among adults (n=1190), mean age 49 (SD:13.3), 27% visited the park with a dog. Among children (n=725), mean age 9 (SD:3.6), 23% visited with a dog. Park visitation with a dog was associated with increased odds of being in the ‘high’ category for frequency of park visitation (visit > once/week) among adults (OR=2.55, 95% CI:1.95,3.33) and children (OR=1.96,95% CI:1.38,2.78) and increased odds of being in the ‘high’ category for usual park-based activity (mostly vigorous activity) among adults (OR=1.89, 95%CI:1.47,2.44). Conclusion:<\b>
Adults and children who visited the park with a dog visited parks more often but for a shorter duration. Adults were also more likely to engage in higher levels of physical activity. Providing supportive park amenities for dog walkers may further promote dog walking and physical activity.
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