Scaling up a workplace sitting reduction programme in the UK - SMArT Work (Stand More AT Work)
ISPAH ePoster Library. Edwardson C. Oct 15, 2018; 225165
Charlotte Edwardson
Charlotte Edwardson
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Abstract Introduction:<\b>
SMArT Work is a multi-component programme designed to reduce workplace sitting. SMArT Work was tested in a cluster randomised controlled trial and shown to be effective in reducing sitting and improving many work-related outcomes such as self-reported job performance, work engagement, occupational fatigue and presenteeism. SMArT Work is currently being ‘scaled up’ for real world implementation and evaluation. Methods:<\b>
The main components of SMArT Work were: 1) a group-based face-to-face educational workshop, which included action planning, barrier identification and solving, goal setting, 2) feedback on sitting and physical activity behaviour from the activPAL device at 3 time points, 3) provision of a height-adjustable workstation (electric or platform), 3) educational/motivational leaflets and posters, 4) self-monitoring using a sitting tracker cushion for the office chair which provided real time feedback on sitting time and provided user defined prompts to break up sitting, and 5) one-to-one brief coaching/progress sessions every 3 months. This was mainly a researcher delivered intervention. SMArT Work was shown to be effective and cost-effective so the next step is to translate this programme into a scalable solution for implementation into the real world.Results & Conclusion:<\b>
The process of scaling up SMArT Work will be presented e.g., how process evaluation of SMArT Work and working with stakeholders fed into the translation. Adaptations of the programme will be presented along with key learnings and challenges experienced during this ‘scaling up’ process. External funding details The evaluation of SMArT Work was funded by the Department of Health Policy Research Programme (project number PR-R5-0213-25004)
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