Ageing in place: Combined GPS, GIS and accelerometer data to explore physical activity and behavior settings
ISPAH ePoster Library. Akira Hino A. Oct 16, 2018; 225180; 491
Adriano Akira Hino
Adriano Akira Hino
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Abstract Introduction:<\b>
Older adults represent the least active population group yet being the one to benefit greatly from increased activity levels. Preference for shorter walking distances or choice of the most aesthetic route are often associated with this population, seen as having the most time to spend outside. However, it is unknown what behavior settings older adults are spending their time in, as well as their levels of physical activity (PA) and sedentary behavior (SB) in those places. This study aims to assess relationships between PA and SB in older adults with settings where such behavior occurs. Methods:<\b>
Older adults (≥60 years) were recruited in the UK and Brazil (n=300 per country). Recruitment was stratified by walkability and socio-economic status (SES), allowing the creation of four quadrants: 1) low-SES/low-walkability; 2) low-SES/high-walkability; 3) high-SES/high-walkability; 4) high-SES/low-walkability. Accelerometeres (GT3X) and GPS (QStarz BT-Q1000XT) were worn for seven days, followed by a survey. Results:<\b>
This study will allow for an investigation using accelerometry and GPS data of older adults PA and SB in distinct behavioral settings in order to identify potential for interventions. Expected settings include home, work, transportation and public open spaces. Results will respond to what the state of PA and SB are in older populations, as well as where such behavior occurs. Moreover, we expect to understand what are older adults’ use of space to better tailor programs to promote PA, social interaction, and integral use of spaces.
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