Validity of accelerometers for measuring sedentary behaviour in older adults: A systematic review
ISPAH ePoster Library. C Heesch K. Oct 15, 2018; 225189
Dr. Kristiann C Heesch
Dr. Kristiann C Heesch
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Abstract Introduction:<\b>
Accelerometers were initially developed to measure physical activity, but they are now designed to also capture sedentary behaviour (SB). Consequently, the evidence of the validity of the ActiGraph, the most assessed accelerometer for measuring SB, is growing. However, studies that have assessed the validity of the ActiGraph for measuring SB in older adults have not been systematically reviewed.Method: A systematic review of articles reporting the validity of Actigraph accelerometers for measuring SB in adults aged ≥60 years was conducted. Results:<\b>
Eleven studies were identified. In all, an ActiGraph was worn on the hip. The most valid estimates of SB are provided by analysis of ActiGraph data using 60-second epochs and a vertical magnitude cut-point of <200 counts per minute or using 30- or 60-second epochs with a machine learning algorithm. A non-wear algorithm of 90+ consecutive zeros is indicated. Conclusion:<\b>
Studies of the validity of the ActiGraph for measuring SB in older adults come to different conclusions about the time older adults’ spend in SB because researchers differ in how they set up ActiGraph data for analysis (e.g., epoch length, non-wear algorithm, number of hours and days of wear for data to be included). Moreover, it appears that some decisions, like the selection of a non-wear algorithm, may need to be made specifically for older adults. As more studies are conducted in this field, consensus around these decisions can be reached. This will result in better comparisons of results from studies that measure the validity of these accelerometers.​
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