When and how do adolescents sit? ActivPAL measured patterns of daily sitting time, bouts and breaks
ISPAH ePoster Library. Arundell L. Oct 15, 2018; 225199
Dr. Lauren Arundell
Dr. Lauren Arundell
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Abstract Introduction:<\b>
Understanding how adolescents accumulate their sitting time is important for informing intervention studies. Patterns of adolescents objectively-measured sitting time, sitting bouts, and breaks in sitting during different periods of the day were examined. Methods:<\b>
Adolescents (n=308, 15.4±1.6 years) wore an activPALTM for 8 days. Data were extracted during early morning,id-morning, morning break, late morning, lunch, early afternoon, late afternoon and evening on weekdays and weekends, and school time, class time and out-of-school time on weekdays. For each period, the percentage of time spent sitting (%SIT), percentage of each hour in prolonged sitting (bout ≥10 minutes), and number of breaks/hour in sitting were calculated. Differences according to sex and week and weekend days were determined using t-tests. Results:<\b>
Participants spent 68% of their day sitting, 29-30% of each hour in prolonged sitting, and performed 3.1 breaks in sitting/hour. The proportion of time sitting was greater in school (70%) and class time (75%) than out-of-school time (65%). Compared to boys, girls had higher %SIT during class (76% vs 72%) and school hours (72% vs 67%), performed more prolonged sitting/hour during school hours (27% vs 23%), and had more sitting breaks/hour during out-of-school time (2.6 vs 2.4), but fewer during class (2.5 vs 3.3) and school hours (2.7 vs 3.3), respectively. %SIT differed between week and weekend days for all periods except for the evening period. Conclusion:<\b>
Adolescents spend the majority of their time sitting, with distinct patterns on weekdays and weekend days. Findings provide novel information for intervention development.
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