Sport-Santé™ Actimeter: a new tool to encourage medical doctors to evaluate the physical activity level of their patients
ISPAH ePoster Library. Lion A. Oct 15, 2018; 225200
Alexis Lion
Alexis Lion
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Abstract Physical activity (PA) mitigates the risk of non-communicable diseases and confers health benefits during and after treatment. Nevertheless, two thirds of the patients seen in primary care are not advised to engage regularly in PA. We created the “Sport-Santé™ Actimeter' to encourage medical doctors to evaluate PA levels of their patients. The “Sport-Santé™ Actimeter” is cardboard tool designed to assist primary caregivers in evaluating PA levels of their patients by asking two questions (adapted from Robert E. Sallis, 2017): “On average, how many days per week do you engage in moderate or greater intensity physical activity?” (question 1) and “On average, how many minutes do you engage in this physical activity in those days?” (question 2). The “Sport-Santé™ Actimeter' is then used to align the number of days per week (question 1) and the number of minutes per session (question 2) and evaluates with a colour code if the patient reaches the minimal recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) on aerobic PA. Accompanying instructions of use include the definition of PA levels, the WHO recommendations and a decision-making algorithm to help caregivers provide relevant guidance according to the specificities of the patient. The “Sport-Santé™ Actimeter' may contribute to remind medical doctors to assess patient’s PA level, facilitate the assessment of patient’s PA level, highlight quickly and simply the results to the patient, and inform the patients on the PA recommendations. The “Sport-Santé™ Actimeter' and its accompanying instructions of use will be distributed and evaluated in Luxembourg in 2018.
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