Energy expenditure, physiological, and perceptual responses to a brief, simple bodyweight resistance training protocol in previously sedentary adults
ISPAH ePoster Library. Steele J. Oct 16, 2018; 225259; 200
James Steele
James Steele
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Abstract Introduction:<\b>
Resistance training (RT) participation is low compared to the moderate-vigorous aerobic activity portion of physical activity guidelines. Time and accessibility are barriers yet RT can be performed in an accessible time efficient manner using bodyweight exercises. The aim of this study was to examine energy expenditure, physiological, and perceptual responses of a brief, simple bodyweight resistance training protocol in previously sedentary adults. Method: Ten participants (male = 4, female = 6; age = 47±7 years; body mass = 76.61±16.52 kg) performed a bodyweight resistance training protocol consisting of a push up, isometric wall sit, bodyweight row, and a plank. Each was performed for a single set until volitional fatigue followed by 4-minute rest periods. Oxygen consumption and blood lactate were measured and total energy expenditure estimated. In addition, heart rate, muscle swelling, and both perceived effort and discomfort (0-10) were examined. Results:<\b>
Total training time including rest was 25±2 minutes (exercise time was 9±2 minutes) with a total energy expenditure of 118.9±22.0 kcals. Heart rate increased significantly (p = 0.007 to 0.005) during exercise compared to rest, yet after 1 minute of recovery did not significantly differ. Significant increases in muscle swelling also occurred (p < 0.001). Perceived effort was 8.2±1.2 and discomfort was 7.3±1.0. Conclusion:<\b>
A brief, simple body weight resistance training protocol can produce meaningful energy expenditure and may provide a suitable stimulus for improvements in health and fitness. This approach could be easily implemented to meet the twice a week recommendations for muscle strengthening activities.
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