The WalkJogSmile feel-good beginner running programme: A study of experiences of beginner running podcasts for optimising a new run-walking intervention for inactive people
ISPAH ePoster Library. Kennedy K. Oct 15, 2018; 225304
Katy Kennedy
Katy Kennedy
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Abstract Introduction:<\b>
Beginner run-walk podcasts are a free, accessible way for people to start running, with public health potential to increase physical activity levels in inactive populations. For example, the popular NHS CouchTo5K (C25K) programme uses run/walk intervals to build running fitness towards 30 minutes’ continuous running at nine weeks. The aim of this study was to optimise a new run-walk intervention (the WalkJogSmile programme) to help inactive people begin running. WalkJogSmile has a similar rationale to C25K, but includes innovative psychologically-based concepts to help people feel better during running, to improve short- and long-term adherence. Amongst other principles, WalkJogSmile uses short running intervals in early weeks, smoother increases in running duration than C25K, and a self-monitoring tool to help people monitor how they feel and adjust running accordingly. Method:This was a longitudinal online diary study, with qualitative feedback structured around people’s experiences of C25K or WalkJogSmile (both nine weeks, three weekly sessions), plus a quantitative enjoyment measure. Low-active participants (n=20) were emailed an online feedback questionnaire after each session. Results:<\b>
Feedback on both podcasts was positive. Some improvements suggested for C25K were already included in WalkJogSmile podcasts, and participants gave further useful suggestions to improve WalkJogSmile. C25K participants reported extra walking breaks compared with WalkJogSmile participants, indicating that shorter running intervals and self-monitoring in early stages were more beginner-friendly. Conclusion:<\b>
The WalkJogSmile programme was positively received, and participants gave useful feedback for optimising the programme. The next step is to examine long-term running success in a comparison with C25K.
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