HIIT@work: Acute circulatory, metabolic, thermal, cognitive and perceptual responses to prolonged sitting interrupted by a six-minute session of high-intensity interval exercise
ISPAH ePoster Library. Sperlich B. Oct 15, 2018; 225336; 206
Assoc. Prof. Birgit Sperlich
Assoc. Prof. Birgit Sperlich
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Abstract Introduction:<\b>
Experimental studies indicate that interrupting prolonged sitting with light physical activity reduces harmful cardio-metabolic health risks for physically inactive individuals. However, such short-term improvement in the metabolic profile could not be observed in physically active. The aim of this study was to examine health aspects while sitting following a brief session of high-intensity interval exercise (HIIT). Methods:<\b>
Twelve students (5 men; age, 22 ± 2 yrs) performed two trials involving either simply sitting for 180 min (SIT) or sitting for this same period with a 6-min session of HIIT after 60 min sitting (SIT+HIIT). At T0 (after 30 min of resting), T1 (after a 20-min breakfast), T2 (after sitting for 1 h), T3 (immediately after the HIIT), T4, T5, T6 and T7 (30, 60, 90 and 120 min after the HIIT), circulatory, metabolic, thermoregulatory, cognitive, and perceptual responses were assessed. Results:<\b>
The blood lactate concentration (at T3-T5), heart rate (at T3-T6), oxygen uptake (at T3-T7), respiratory exchange ratio, and sensations of heat (T3-T5), sweating (T3, T4) and odor (T3), as well as perception of vigor (T3-T6), were higher and the respiratory exchange ratio (T4-T7) and mean body and skin temperatures (T3) lower in the HIIT trial compared to only SIT-trial. Levels of blood glucose, feelings of anxiety/depression, fatigue or hostility, as well as the variables of cognitive function did not differ between HIIT and SIT+HIIT. Conclusion:<\b>
Interruption of prolonged sitting with a 6-min session of HIIT induced more pronounced circulatory and metabolic responses and improved certain aspects of perception.
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