Physical activity, sedentary behaviour and obesity in elderly women: A compositional analysis
ISPAH ePoster Library. Pelclova J. Oct 15, 2018; 225368
Jana Pelclova
Jana Pelclova
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Abstract Purpose:<\b>
The aim of the study was to investigate the combined effect of time spent in SB, light-intensity PA (LIPA), moderate PA (MPA) and vigorous PA (VPA) on the risk of obesity within a robust compositional data analysis framework in elderly women. Compositional character of the data was considered when conducting the analysis. Methods:<\b>
Accelerometer and body composition data of 314 elderly women (aged 66.6±6.5 years, BMI 27.1±4.4 kg/m2, percent of body fat (FM%) 36.1±7.1) were included into analysis. At least 7 valid days of monitoring with 10 h of accelerometer wear per day were required. According BMI values, the sample was divided into non-obese (111 women) and obese (203 women) group. Results:<\b>
According to compositional mean barplot, SB and VPA were the key drivers of the difference between non-obese and obese women. In obese women, the proportion of time spent in SB was higher by 11.7% and the proportion of time spent in VPA was reduced by 12.5% to the overall mean composition. In non-obese women, the proportion of time spent in SB was reduced by 20.5% and the proportion of time spent in VPA was higher by 24.2% to the overall mean composition. Results from compositional MM-regression implied that both BMI and FM% were positively associated with relative dominance of SB (β 1.83, 3.87, respectively, p<0.001) and negatively associated with relative dominance of MPA and VPA (β ranging from -2.9 to -0.59, p<0.001).Conclusions: Re-allocating time from SB to MPA and VPA can prevent obesity in elderly women.
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