Shaping an environment, shapes our minds: The Care About Physical Activity (CAPA) programme, a qualitative piece on promoting movement change in care services for older people
ISPAH ePoster Library. Lucas A. Oct 16, 2018; 225369; 31
Ms. Alex Lucas
Ms. Alex Lucas
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Abstract Background:<\b>
In 2016 the Care Inspectorate was commissioned by the Scottish Government to deliver the CAPA improvement programme, which aims to promote and increase the movement levels of those in care. This study looks to understand factors that link environmental culture change of care services with the movement behaviour change of older people in care. Methods:<\b>
Focus groups were/will be conducted at two time points in October 2017 and April 2018, with a minimum of 11 social care professionals and 15 care residents, across Scotland. Data was combined with anecdotal evidence and was collectively analysed through thematic content analysis.Results & Discussion: Preliminary results suggest the environmental culture of the care home influences the extent to which movement is prioritised and embedded within the service and how often older people engage in movement. Two overarching themes were found to influence the culture change of care environments; staff/management ‘buy in’ (e.g. staff/management attitudes and perceptions) and environmental economics (e.g. routine and space changes in the care home). Theming indicated that a top-down approach to integrating movement into a care environment is most successful. This involves the active buy in of staff/management to integrate movement into their everyday tasks, priorities and the physical care home environment. Collectively, these cultural changes can influence the extent to which older people change their movement behaviour.Notes: As an ongoing project results and discussions are likely to develop due to the continuous collection of anecdotal evidence and future planned focus groups. External funding details Funded by the Care Inspectorate
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