Effects of telephone based coaching and prompting on self-reported physical activity: First results of the randomized controlled trial Movingcall®
ISPAH ePoster Library. Fischer X. Oct 15, 2018; 225376; 14
Xenia Fischer
Xenia Fischer
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Abstract Introduction:<\b>
Phone and web-based physical activity (PA) promotion has a great potential because individual counselling can be provided at participant’s homes. The present study analyses the potential of telephone coaching and SMS prompting for PA promotion.Method: 288 participants (age 20 to 65 y) were stratified (strata: age, sex) to three different intervention arms of a 6-month lasting PA promotion program: A control group received one written PA recommendation. The two intervention groups received 12 telephone coachings with (prompting group) or without (coaching group) additional SMS that prompt behavioural change (n = 48 SMS). The program consists of evidence-based behaviour change techniques and all participants had access to a personal online profile. Self-reported moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) was assessed via telephone interview based on the Simple Physical Activity Questionnaire. This analysis refers to 204 participants who have completed intervention by February 2018. Results:<\b>
At 6 months, participants (32% male, age = 42 (SD = 11), baseline MVPA = 97 min/week (129)) in the coaching (+252 min/week, 90% CI 193 – 310) and prompting (+246 min/week, 90% CI 190 – 303) group showed a similar but higher increase in MVPA compared to the control group (+97 min/week, 90% CI 53 – 140). Dropout rate was higher in control (18%) as in the coaching (4%) and prompting (10%) groups. Conclusion:<\b>
This study suggests that telephone coaching is an effective and well-accepted tool to promote PA in working aged adults. Additional SMS prompts do not result in higher levels of PA.
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