An m-health workplace-based ‘sit less, move more’ program: Impact on employees´ sedentary and physical activity patterns.
ISPAH ePoster Library. Bort-Roig J. Oct 16, 2018; 225378; 190
Dr. Judit Bort-Roig
Dr. Judit Bort-Roig
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Abstract Introduction:<\b>
This study evaluated the short-term impact of a 12-week m-health workplace-based ‘sit less, move more’ intervention (Walk@WorkApp; W@W-App, 2015) on objectively-determined physical activity (PA) and sedentary behaviours in employees.Method: A site randomised control trial recruited employees at four Spanish hospitals (n=141; 45±9 years; 82% female). Participants were assigned by hospital to an Intervention (IG; used W@W-App; n=90) or an active Comparison group (A-CG; monitored occupational activity n=51). W@W-App, installed on participants´ own smartphones, provided real time feedback for occupational sitting, ambulatory activity and gave access to automated strategies to sit less and move more at work. A mean comparison for repeated measures assessed changes in total sitting time, sedentary bouts, light and moderate-to-vigorous PA (activPAL 3TM; minutes/day) between baseline and after program completion during weekdays and weekends. Results:<\b>
Over the A-CG, the IG reported a higher proportion of sedentary time in shorter bouts from 5 to 10 minutes (p=0.013) outside work and a higher time spent in total moderate-to-vigorous PA (p=0.016). Non-significant changes were found for light intensity PA and total sitting time. Conclusion:<\b>
W@W-App reduced prolonged periods of sedentary behaviour outside work but not during working hours, providing translational evidence that m-health programmes might have the potential to improve employees´ daily sedentary patterns. External funding details The W@W-App Project was supported by the Spanish Ministryof Science and Innovation (DEP2012- 37169).
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