Stand Up for Health: Using 6 SQuID to develop a sedentary behaviour intervention in call centres
ISPAH ePoster Library. Jepson R. Oct 15, 2018; 225450
Dr. Ruth Jepson
Dr. Ruth Jepson
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Abstract IntroductionSedentary behaviour (SB) can lead to musculoskeletal discomfort, chronic disease, and poor mental wellbeing. Call centres foster SB due to the nature of the work. To address the determinants of SB in call centres, a SB intervention called Stand Up for Health was developed using the 6 Steps in Quality Intervention Development (6 SQuID) framework.MethodsSteps 1 (define problem) and 2 (identify modifiable factors) involved focus groups with call centre staff to identify the causal factors of SB in their centre. The qualitative data was used in steps 3&4 (develop theory of change and action) to develop intervention activities to interrupt the factors at four levels of the workplace (individual, social, environmental, organisational). Step 5 (test and refine) involved piloting activities in the call centre. Step 6 (evaluate) used qualitative methods to evaluate the intervention.ResultsThirty-four staff participated in the intervention development process. During steps 1&2, participants identified several factors leading to SB, for example nature of the work and pressure to be profitable. Participants identified activities (theories of change) to reduce SB in the workplace (steps 3&4). Participants believed activities such as goal setting (individual), competitions (social), stand-up desks (environmental), and development of a wellness committee (organisational) were suitable to their context. Activities were piloted for 6 months. The evaluation found staff to be receptive to activities.ConclusionDue to its consideration of the wider setting, the 6 SQuID framework helped develop a SB intervention that was acceptable to call centre staff.
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