The prevalence of wellbeing, resilience and physical activity amongst third level pre-service teacher educators in Ireland
ISPAH ePoster Library. O Brien N. Oct 16, 2018; 225523; 374
Ms. Niamh O Brien
Ms. Niamh O Brien
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Abstract Introduction In Ireland, 14% of university students report severe depression and anxiety, while another 25% report mild depression and anxiety. Globally, one-third of adults do not achieve the recommended levels of physical activity (PA), with 32% reporting to achieve PA guidelines in Ireland. This research assesses gender differences in wellbeing, resilience and physical activity among a sample of third level pre-service teacher educators. MethodsUsing self-report questionnaires (n= 128; 29% male, 71% female), students’ well-being, resilience and PA levels were measured with the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS), WHO-5 Wellbeing Index, Brief Resilience Scale (BRS) and a single question on weekly level PA. Data were analysed using t-tests and chi-square test. ResultsFindings suggest 73% of students are not meeting the recommended PA guidelines. A further 21.1% report poor emotional wellbeing. An independent sample t-test observed significant differences between gender and PA levels (p<0.0001). Males report higher levels of PA participation. No significant difference in mental wellbeing (p<0.491), and resilience (p<0.870) were observed between gender. Chi-square analysis suggested no association between physical activity levels and wellbeing (p<0.303), however, a significant association between resilience and PA emerged (p< 0.01).ConclusionCurrent results support the literature regarding low levels of mental health and PA among the young adult population in Ireland. More males than females report participating in higher levels of PA. There appear to be no differences in wellbeing and resilience between genders. Findings highlight the need for intervention to increase PA, positive mental health, and resilience among young adults.
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