Physical activity as constituent part of osteoporosis treatment
ISPAH ePoster Library. Rustamova K. Oct 15, 2018; 225540; 390
Dr. Kamalya Rustamova
Dr. Kamalya Rustamova
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Abstract Many researchers indicate that lack of exercise is a major cause of chronic diseases including osteoporosis. We established and used method with ultrasound densitometry, which was helpful for primary diagnostic of risk group. Treatment methodic included physical exercises and medical therapy. Physical exercises were prepared for all age groups. It consists coaching on exercises bikes and aerobics exercises. There was difference in intensity of exercises according to patient’s age. Main task of exercises was strengthening of vertebral column. There was used non invasive ultrasound densitometer with 3 probes for examination of different bones (radius, tibia and phalanx of thumb) for diagnostic, screening and monitoring of osteopenia and osteoporosis . We have observed by densitometry 3 250 female patients (middle age 52, 6±1, 0 y.o.) trying to detect osteoporosis in postmenopausal syndrome stage on period from January 2009 till July 2017. There were 1 577 (48,5 %) cases with osteoporosis and 1 088 (33,5%) cases with osteopenia. There weren’t pathological process in 585 ( 18,0 %) cases. Densitometry examination of patients was interpreted by special computer program; also computer program predicted percentage possibility of fracture. Physical activity was indicated as important part of treatment. Physical exercises course continued 3 months. All patients didn’t interrupt exercises after finish of treatment. Successful results of treatment demonstrated efficiency of treatment and importance of physical activity.Difference in intensity of exercises made possible to strengthening of vertebral column in patients. As result it was possible decrease clinical manifestation of osteoporosis.
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