Descriptive and injunctive norm misperceptions of sedentary behaviour among Czech adolescents
ISPAH ePoster Library. Salonna F. Oct 16, 2018; 225572; 9
Dr. Ferdinand Salonna
Dr. Ferdinand Salonna
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Abstract Aim: We were interested whether descriptive and/or injunctive norm misperceptions of sedentary behaviour among Czech adolescents exist. Methods:<\b>
Data were collected in Autumn 2017 as baseline measurement of ‘Social Norms Intervention for Active Adolescents (SONIAA)’ project using a web-based questionnaire (1586 students; age 11-15; 48% girls). Respondents were asked about their own behaviours and in addition about the descriptive norms and injunctive norms for different domains of sedentary behaviour (TV-time, Computer-time, Video Game-time and Phone/text time). Results:<\b>
We found that adolescents overestimate the level of sedentary behaviours of their peers in every explored domain (TV-time: Difference between Perceived peer Norm (PN) and Actual Behaviour (AB) was 30%; Computer-time PN-AB 40%; Video Game-time PN-AB 42%; Phone/text time PN-AB 57%). There was difference in approval of the PNs between boys and girls. For every explored domain, only a minority of boys disapproved the PNs whereas girls only for TV-time.Conclusions: Most of adolescents perceive the level of sedentary behaviours among their peers as higher than actually are. In addition, most of them do not feel uncomfortable with the perceived norms, especially boys.Our findings could be used as the basis for a social norms campaign that aims to correct the misperceptions, by focusing on the positive behaviour of the majority, instead of the negative behaviour of the minority. External funding details This work was funded by a grant of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic 'Social Norms Intervention in the prevention of excessive sitting and physical activity promotion among Czech adolescents' (project No. 17-24378S).
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