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Girls Active
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Exploring 'Revaluation' as participative, strength-based, cultural approach to school-based physical activity interventionism
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Physical activity program titled ‘Senior-friendly municipality’ as a good practice example
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Objectively assessed moderate-to-vigorous physical activity is strongly associated with cardiovascular disease after 15 years
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South African preschool-aged children's screen time and sleep: Compliance with guidelines
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Energy expenditure, physiological, and perceptual responses to a brief, simple bodyweight resistance training protocol in previously sedentary adults
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Supporting brief intervention advice for physical activity
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Changes in cycling-related knowledge, Self-efficacy and behaviour following cycle skills training in children and adolescents
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Are the school environment for physical activity and play time mediators of the effect of a school-based intervention on student’s academic performance?
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Influence of accelerometer calibration approach on MVPA estimates for adults
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Physical education and public health: Population-based findings from the MoMo Study
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Addressing the decline in sport participation and physical activity in secondary school students
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Beliefs, motives and gains associated with physical activity in people with osteoarthritis
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The National Exercise Referral Scheme in Wales: Exploring scheme implementation over the past 10 years
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Investigating the potential of e-bikes as a means of active transport
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Evaluation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Mass media campaign to promote physical activity (PA), “Move it, UAE” 2017
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Dancing in Time: Feasibility and acceptability of a contemporary dance programme to modify risk factors for falling in community dwelling older adults
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Culture eats trategy for breakfast
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Ageing in place: Combined GPS, GIS and accelerometer data to explore physical activity and behavior settings
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Relationship of physical fitness and obesity status with cardiometabolic risk factors in college aged students
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A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effects of interrupting prolonged sitting with physical activity breaks on blood glucose, insulin, triacylglycerol
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Using nudges to reduce sedentary behaviour : A pilot intervention
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Neighbourhood characteristics associated with the provision of holistic movement practices in Melbourne
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The future of sport in the Netherlands: challenges and opportunities for sport policy
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From randomised controlled trials to compatible, adaptable and scalable school development research - an innovative research design for school based physical activity
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Systematic review of interventions outside the workplace for reducing sedentary behaviour in adults under 60 years
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Development of the evaluation framework for the Finnish Schools on the Move programme 2016-2018
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The prevalence of wellbeing, resilience and physical activity amongst third level pre-service teacher educators in Ireland
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Physical activity, sedentariness and metabolic risk in Portuguese children
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Urbanization, physical activity and sitting time in Oman: Analysis of the World Health Survey, 2008
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Who is responsible for activity-promoting workplaces? Australian management perspectives from multiple industries
ISPAH ePoster Library, Tracy Kolbe-Alexander, 225424

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