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Understanding motor competence in children and young people
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Moderate-to vigorous physical activity: Defined by cadence or activity counts?
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Helsinki – Mobile and healthier city for all
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Association between mortality and time-use composition of the 24 hour day
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Effect of chair-based exercise and walking meditation on frailty in community-dwelling older adult at Thailand
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Exploring the feasibility of a combined rehabilitation programme for COPD and heart failure patients
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Daily physical activity in lower secondary school: reception of a three year intervention programme
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Does reallocation of time from sedentary bouts to physical activity reduce adiposity in children?
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Healthwalks shown to improve health and wellbeing, including for those with long-term health conditions
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Evaluation of a workplace walking programme using pedometer on hospital workers
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Flemish office workplace campaign to reduce sedentary behaviour
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Integrating evidence based pedometry for adolescents into the physical activity on prescription (PAP) model in Sweden
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Learning from cross-sector approaches to increasing walking among adults in the London Borough of Hackney
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INDARES mapping application: An effective and feasible online tool for identification of travel routes
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The importance and status of global sedentary behaviour surveillance
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The impact of the built environment on physical activity and sedentary behaviour in older adults: a comparative review between high and low-middle income countries
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The Influence of neighborhood environment on obesity in Korean adults: Using Bayesian spatial modelling
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Technological approaches to objective measurement of fundamental movement skills in children
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Square peg in a round hole: Mismatch in system needs and investment for promoting physical activity in low-income countries
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Shaping an environment, shapes our minds: The Care About Physical Activity (CAPA) programme, a qualitative piece on promoting movement change in care services for older people
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Variation of physical activity and sleep by gender and age among the general adult population in Finland
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Nature-based programmes for health and wellbeing in vulnerable groups: findings from evaluative research
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Running the gauntlet- examining the occurrence of runner harassment
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The carry-over effect of an aquatic-based intervention in children with cerebral palsy
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Individual social capital benefits older adults' health and well-being: Does physical exercise mediate?
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Lessons learned from a community-based EPODE-approach tackling childhood overweight in the Netherlands
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Weekend catch-up sleep, physical activity and childhood obesity
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Physical activity during pregnancy: Beliefs of healthcare professionals of a primary care centre. Qualitative study
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Moving Through Motherhood: A mixed methods investigation into experiences of physical activity, and physical activity advice around pregnancy
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Prototyping in public health practice: demonstrating a streamlined implementation process with a community-based weight management programme (Momenta)
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Physical activity and risk of myocardial infarction: An analysis of lifestyle behaviours in a large population-based cohort
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Development of a theoretical framework of children’s school travel behaviour
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Physical activity in youth with cystic fibrosis: A brief review
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Effectiveness of the VAMOS strategy for physical activity and nutrition: a randomized controlled community trial
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Moving medicine: A clinician facing resource to support physical activity consultation across specific disease areas
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Integrating physical activity into cancer care
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Cycling and cardiovascular Diseases: A systematic literature review and meta-analysis
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Physical activity correlates in the Thai population: A systematic review
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Development and validation of the school physical activity index
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Effects of active commuting and leisure-time exercise on total and non-exercise energy expenditure in individuals with overweight and obesity
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Inequality in socio-economic status and the differences in physical activity pattern
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Encouraging blue-collar industries to adopt active workplaces: Management perspectives from a national survey
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Associations of social cohesion in neighborhood and school with compliance to physical activity recommendations among Japanese adolescents
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Going the EXTRA MILE with Inspiring healthy lifestyles
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Identifying behavioral profiles of cancer survivors based on objectively assessed physical activity and sedentary behavior
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Longitudinal relationships of physical activity and aerobic fitness with academic achievement in Japanese adolescents
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Effects of three-stage training program on fear of falling and daily physical activity for community-dwelling old-old Japanese women
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Evaluation of the ‘Live Active’ exercise referral scheme: Long term outcomes
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Examining the impact of the Richmond Group’s approach to increasing physical activity
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Individual, social and environmental determinants of physical activity in peri-urban Australia
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Effect of a community-based physical activity program using the Internet of Things
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An evidence-based, co-developed physical activity referral scheme: A mixed methods pilot trial
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Characteristics of the environment and physical activity in midlife: Findings from UK Biobank
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Association between age, sex and physical activity pattern among Thai population
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Building smartphone “apps” for lifestyle behavior change in clinical populations
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Cross-sectional association of leisure time physical activity and TV viewing with health-related quality of life in Taiwanese older adults
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Do school-based physical activity Interventions affect mathematics learning? A systematic review
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Adolescent girl’s perceptions of physical activity: A systematic review of qualitative studies
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Built environment constructs for defining walking-friendly environments in Mexico and their correlates to physical activity among Mexicans
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A mixed methods evaluation of an intervention to reduce and break up sitting time in primary school classrooms in the UK: The CLASS PAL (Physically Active Learning) Programme
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ACTION for men: Community capacity building for health enhancing physical activity promotion among men aged 50 plus
ISPAH ePoster Library, Helmut Strobl, 225173
Are physical activity trajectories from childhood to midlife related to smoking trajectories? The Young Finns Study
ISPAH ePoster Library, Mirja Hirvensalo, 225207
Changes over time in levels of fatness and physical fitness of adolescents with Down syndrome. The UP&DOWN longitudinal study
ISPAH ePoster Library, Borja Suarez-Villadat, 225268
Daily walking time and traditional and novel inflammatory biomarkers in the elderly: A subcohort from NISSIN Project
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A gamefully designed intervention to impact motivation for physical activity and physical activity levels
ISPAH ePoster Library, Dominique Gummelt, 225409
Association between cardiovascular diseases and chronic musculoskeletal pain: A systematic review with meta-analysis.
ISPAH ePoster Library, Crystian Oliveira, 225547
Developing global 24-hour movement guidelines for the Early Years
ISPAH ePoster Library, Fiona Bull, 225062
Prevalence of recreational running and behavioral characteristics of Portuguese runners: The Keep on Running national survey
ISPAH ePoster Library, Hugo Pereira, 225223
The Project “Living Healthy” - co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund
ISPAH ePoster Library, Slaven Krtalic, 225297
Health related physical fitness measurement of children with special education needs in Hungary
ISPAH ePoster Library, Katalin Kälbli, 225374
Embedding physical activity as a place-based system priority
ISPAH ePoster Library, Gina Perigo, 225397
An investigation into the adoption and use of Public Health guidance by professional football club community schemes.
ISPAH ePoster Library, Andy Pringle, 225499
Impact of 3-month changes in total and workplace standing and light-intensity physical activity on postprandial glycemic control
ISPAH ePoster Library, Sarah Mullane, 225520
Exposure to extreme heat conditions and air pollution by low-income minority children playing in NYC parks
ISPAH ePoster Library, Claudia Alberico, 225590
Promoting physical activity among young blue-collar workers in the manufacturing industry: The effect and process evaluation of a smartphone application
ISPAH ePoster Library, Katrien De Cocker, 225043
The WELL Building Standard™ (WELL): Leveraging the built environment for healthier buildings and communities.
ISPAH ePoster Library, Vienna McLeod, 225308
The impact of the ‘Beat the Street’ physical activity intervention on active travel to school in Ireland
ISPAH ePoster Library, Aneta Kuczynska, 225386
Mayors Golden Kilometre
ISPAH ePoster Library, Courtney Warden, 225442
Years of practice, physical activity and low intake of fruits and vegetables in hikers of Bucaramanga, Colombia.
ISPAH ePoster Library, Luis Gabriel Rangel, 225476
Well going with dementia: Influence of a tailor made physical activity intervention for people with dementia on gait characteristics
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Acute eating behaviour responses to apparatus-free high-intensity intermittent exercise in inactive, overweight females
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What’s a cycling master plan worth? HEAT 4.0 applied to cycling promotion schemes in Austria, Germany, France & the European Union
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Arterial hypertension and physical activity in Brazilian adults: Population-based study
ISPAH ePoster Library, Luciana Monteiro, 225587
Validity of accelerometers for measuring sedentary behaviour in older adults: A systematic review
ISPAH ePoster Library, Kristiann C Heesch, 225189

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