Diversifying the public health evidence-base: How scoping reviews can contribute to progress regarding physical activity inequalities.
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Benefits of belly dance on quality of life, fatigue, and depressive symptoms in women with breast cancer: A pilot study of a non-randomised clinical trial
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Validity of accelerometers for measuring sedentary behaviour in older adults: A systematic review
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Time-use in screen-based devices among children and adolescents: A systematic scoping review of large population-based studies published since 2000
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A mixed method systematic review of primary school based interventions to promote physical activity and/or reduce sedentary behaviour
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Self-management of physical activity by the use of step registration in type 2 diabetes : Six months results of the RCT Sophia Step Study
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The WalkJogSmile feel-good beginner running programme: A study of experiences of beginner running podcasts for optimising a new run-walking intervention for inactive people
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Is it possible to modify the active commuting to school behaviour through an intervention programme? PREVIENE Project
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Associations for volumes and patterns of physical activity with metabolic health in children: a multivariate pattern analysis approach
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If you provide it, they still do not go: attendance frequency within a Scottish exercise referral scheme
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Social inequalities in favourability to built environment transformations
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Older Canadian adults living in public housing’s perceptions of access to physical activity in their residential environment: a study using walk-along interviews
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Parental education and perception of outdoor play time in preschooler
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Designing healthy communities: creating evidence on metrics for built environment features associated with walkable neighbourhood activity centres
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Environmental correlates of active transport to school in New Zealand adolescents living within a walkable distance to school
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Influence of nature contact on PA in early childhood education and care (ECEC)
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Building capabilities for physical activity in childcare centers: Experiences from the QueB project
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Developing a national physical activity plan of action in Oman
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Meta-analysis of broad-reach physical activity interventions for cancer survivors (2013-2017): We still haven’t found what we’re looking for
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Sedentary behaviour and hair cortisol amongst women living in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighbourhoods: A cross-sectional study
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NowWeMOVE: Global physical activity campaigning at scale
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Physical activity patterns in adolescents - BE ACTIV INDIA! Study
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West Cheshire Smile for a Mile: A summary of a daily physical activity intervention for primary-aged children
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Gaelic4Girls for increased physical activity participation - a multi-component, pilot intervention: Study design and protocol
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Maintaining a high fitness physical activity pattern reduces cardiometabolic risk in Malaysian adolescents
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Living it up? Evaluating the potential impact of a new apartment design policy on health and well-being
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The experiences of people with severe and enduring mental illness engaged in a physical activity programme integrated into the mental health service
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Get Out Get Active
ISPAH ePoster Library, Andy Dalby-Welsh, 225098
Scaling up of a workplace program to get Australian desk-based workers to sit less and move more at work
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Increasing the capacity of workplaces to address chronic disease risk factors
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Bi-directional associations among sedentary time, physical activity, and sleep duration in children: A longitudinal study from the PREVIENE project
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Interviewing stroke survivors three months after their stroke to inform the development of an intervention to reduce/break up sedentary behaviours
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Effectiveness of a family intervention to promote a healthy lifestyle in disadvantaged areas: A healthy generation
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Sedentary behaviour profiles of Irish children and youth: A follow up to the Children’s Sport Participation and Physical Activity Study (CSPPA)
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Getting the best start in East Sussex: A whole systems transformation approach to tackling childhood obesity through physical activity in education settings and across the community
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Mode of commuting, physical activity, energy expenditure and steps in the trips to and from the school in Spanish adolescents: the PACO project
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Real-world challenges in implementing theoretically-informed and evidence-based sports coaching interventions
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Evaluating physical activity prescriptions in rural healthcare clinics
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School travel mode among adolescents: The NEArbY Study
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High impact program evaluation: Measuring student, faculty, institution and community outcomes
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Physical activity referral to cardiac rehabilitation, leisure centre or telephone-delivered consultations in post-surgical people with breast cancer: A mixed methods process evaluation
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Implementing strength and balance exercise programmes for the prevention of falls in older people: Implementing the Falls Management Exercise (FaME) Programme; an implementation toolkit
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Participation in physical education classes and physical activity and sitting time in Brazilian adolescents
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Sport-Santé™ Actimeter: a new tool to encourage medical doctors to evaluate the physical activity level of their patients
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Comparison of two accelerometer generations in physical activity and sedentary behaviour surveillance among health care workers in free living environments
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Associations between technology use and academic performance of children in a high educational technology school
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Leisure time physical Activity is associated with better metabolic control in Chilean patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes
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Assessments of physical literacy in children aged 7-11 years: A series of systematic reviews
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Acceptability of smartphone-based assessments of physical activity and diet among a cohort of adolescents in Kunming, China
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Physical activity and functional ability in care home residents
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Stand Up for Health: Using 6 SQuID to develop a sedentary behaviour intervention in call centres
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Move 4 Life: An evaluation of a peer mentoring intervention designed to cascade and consequently up-scale existing programmes to help inactive 50+ become more active
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Phase angle as an indicator of health and fitness in participants entering an exercise referral scheme
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Opportunities for children’s physical activity during the school summer holidays: Findings from Food and Fun Clubs in Wales
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We’re still teeing off! Why do older adults play golf?
ISPAH ePoster Library, Brad Stenner, 225048
Active travel in a rural university community: Associations with BMI, perceived health, facilitators and barriers
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A review of global surveillance on the muscle strengthening and balance and coordination elements of physical activity recommendations
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Neighbourhood destinations and barriers for outdoor mobility and older adults’ physical activity
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A review of enablers and barriers to older people’s participation in strength and balance activities
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Parkrun, activity and health: The public health potential of parkrun
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Vulnerability to physical inactivity in Australian older adults
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Motivating older people to move more: participant impressions of a physical activity intervention combining health coaching and activity trackers
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Associations between education outside the classroom and academic performance moderated by physical activity, social relations, and school well-being
ISPAH ePoster Library, Peter Elsborg, 225453
Case study of the OpenActive Programme: Using data to help people get active with theory of change and benefits realisation framework
ISPAH ePoster Library, Philip Horgan, 225506
Acute relationships between light-intensity physical activity and postprandial glucose under free-living conditions in prediabetic working adults
ISPAH ePoster Library, Meynard Toledo, 225513
A syndemic approach: Examining the co-occurring risk factors to physical activity among African American aging women
ISPAH ePoster Library, Idethia Harvey, 225581
Encouraging “Active Learning”: Assessing implementation of Head Start’s physical activity requirements within the teaching and learning environment
ISPAH ePoster Library, Amy Eyler, 225583
Evaluation of Active Kids: A universal voucher scheme to increase participation in children in New South Wales (NSW) Australia
ISPAH ePoster Library, Lindsey Reece, 225107
What they talk about when they talk about running- implications for behaviour change of beginner runners’ un/helpful beliefs about running
ISPAH ePoster Library, Katy Kennedy, 225108
Scaling up a workplace sitting reduction programme in the UK - SMArT Work (Stand More AT Work)
ISPAH ePoster Library, Charlotte Edwardson, 225165
Acute response of biochemical bone turnover markers to high-impact exercise in postmenopausal women
ISPAH ePoster Library, Rizky Suganda Prawiradilaga, 225227
Physical activity and sedentary behaviour in residential aged care facilities
ISPAH ePoster Library, Sharon Parry, 225327
Multisectoral approaches in physical activity Intervention development: Healthy Ireland Demonstration Project
ISPAH ePoster Library, Kwok Ng, 225399
Water-based training as non-pharmacological treatment alternative to improve lipid profile of dyslipidemic elderly women: A randomised clinical trial.
ISPAH ePoster Library, Natalia Bagatini, 225417
Consultant led physical activity service in secondary care
ISPAH ePoster Library, Hamish Reid, 225481
They took me this far but I’ve gotta do it on my own now: How can self-determination theory explain patients’ uptake and adherence of physical activity-based cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation?
ISPAH ePoster Library, Eleanor Whittaker, 225514
Effect of a school-based intervention on screen time behavior and family support: the 'MOVIMENTE' program
ISPAH ePoster Library, Priscila Santos, 225516
BariFit: Mobile health intervention to improve physical activity after bariatric surgery
ISPAH ePoster Library, Dori Rosenberg, 225528
Effects of a technology-based and teacher-directed physical activity intervention in preschoolers: Findings from a pilot study
ISPAH ePoster Library, Wonwoo Byun, 225555
Population perspectives on health professionals and venues involved in physical activity promotion
ISPAH ePoster Library, Lise Gauvin, 225573
Outdoor walking groups insufficiently address inequalities: Findings from a scoping review
ISPAH ePoster Library, Benjamin Rigby, 225083
Estimating the current and future cancer burden attributable to inadequate leisure-time physical activity among adults in Canada
ISPAH ePoster Library, Christine Friedenreich, 225123
Time trends 2000-2017 of pedometer determined physical activity in swedish schoolchildren
ISPAH ePoster Library, Anders Raustorp, 225197
The environment as a physical activity facilitator: for advantaged only?
ISPAH ePoster Library, Nicole Stappers, 225282
HIIT@work: Acute circulatory, metabolic, thermal, cognitive and perceptual responses to prolonged sitting interrupted by a six-minute session of high-intensity interval exercise
ISPAH ePoster Library, Birgit Sperlich, 225336
Using integrated care to advance healing and promote wellbeing for leg ulcer patients in the community
ISPAH ePoster Library, Saul Bloxham, 225337
Number of days required to estimate physical activity during pregnancy using wrist-worn accelerometry: The 2015 Pelotas (Brazil) Birth Cohort Study
ISPAH ePoster Library, Shana Ginar da, 225358
Exploring the impact of exercise referral schemes through the development and interrogation of UK multi-scheme database
ISPAH ePoster Library, Matthew Wade, 225364
Active Everyday: A physical activity referral scheme for people affected by cancer
ISPAH ePoster Library, Liam Humphreys, 225365
Fit For Me physical activity insight
ISPAH ePoster Library, Gina Perigo, 225440
Associations of physical activity and sedentary time with body composition outcomes in young adults
ISPAH ePoster Library, Bruna Gonçalves C., 225505
Absolute and relative differences in objectively measured physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleeping time in children from a low-income town in Chile.
ISPAH ePoster Library, Nicolas Aguilar-Farias, 225556
Effects of replacing sedentary behavior with different intensities of physical activity on physical function among community-dwelling elderly: A cross-sectional study
ISPAH ePoster Library, Takayuki Tajima, 225571
Active school transportation contributes to be physically active in segmented periods of a school day
ISPAH ePoster Library, Damian Chandia, 225600
How engaged are health and sport-focused workforces in supporting physical activity promotion for individuals who are overweight or obese?
ISPAH ePoster Library, Emily Oliver, 225101
When and how do adolescents sit? ActivPAL measured patterns of daily sitting time, bouts and breaks
ISPAH ePoster Library, Lauren Arundell, 225199
Do local authorities’ resource allocation decisions have an impact on physical activity among adults : A panel study
ISPAH ePoster Library, Virpi Kuvaja-Köllner, 225287
Us Mums Hull: Pre and post-natal physical activity programme
ISPAH ePoster Library, Andy McKee, 225306
Physical activity, sedentary behaviour and obesity in elderly women: A compositional analysis
ISPAH ePoster Library, Jana Pelclova, 225368
Energy expenditure during bread baking
ISPAH ePoster Library, Elling Bere, 225501

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