Effect of a school-based physical activity program on health fitness in children
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Community Sports Trust
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The London Agreement on Golf and Health
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Validity of recommended equation for estimated resting metabolic rate among female university students
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Swiss NCD strategy: Model projects - sustainable spatial development
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Effects of physical inactivity on body composition of older people: A meta analysis
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Urban Forest Health Intervention Program (UFHIP) to promote physical activity and reduce risk behaviours among adolescents at risk
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Neighbourhood walk score and falls among older Taiwanese adults
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UK Coaching You Gov coaching research survey overview
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Streetgames case study: Activator insight report
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Vigorous intensity physical activity prevalence among students from three Mexican universities and its relation with socio-demographic characteristics
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Change4Life Sports Clubs
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A physical activity intervention manual for people who have a stoma
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FYSS 2017: A tool for healthcare professionals when prescribing physical activity
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Evaluation of the 20mph/30kph speed limit policies in Edinburgh and Belfast
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Reliability and agreement of the Spanish version of the Dogs and Physical Activity (DAPA) Tool
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Effects of a functional training program on hemodynamic parameters of women with metabolic syndrome
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Characteristics of park usage by children and adolescents, Bucaramanga, Colombia: A secondary analysis
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Individual and built environmental factors associated to physical activity in park users in Colombia: A preliminary analysis.
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Development of a local HEPA policy analysis tool (CAPLA-Santé) in France
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Cross sectoral HEPA promotion at the local level in Finland?
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Evaluating motor competence interventions for children’s physical activity, fitness, health and academic performance
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Health-enhancing physical activity in Europe. The history, the role and the future of HEPA Europe: The European Commission and HEPA Europe 2009-2013
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Older adults mobility and the governance of age-friendly cities: A UK-Brazil comparative study
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Using GPS and accelerometry to explore the use of green space for physical activity of older adults
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More active preschool children in PE lessons accumulate significantly more moderate and vigorous physical activity during school time
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Factors associated with successful implementation of the primary school physical activity initiative the Daily Mile
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Occupational and leisure time physical inactivity and the risk of type II diabetes and hypertension among Mexican adults: A prospective cohort study
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Can walkability reduce neighbourhood inequalities in physical function? A case study among middle-aged to older adults in Brisbane, Australia
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Exploring views on physical activity in Slimming World members: a collaborative survey with England Athletics’ RunTogether
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Is a change in the physical education activities sufficient to increase moderate-to-vigorous physical activity in children? Active Teaching Units
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Triple intervention in obese adults from Portuguese Navy
ISPAH ePoster Library, Moisés Henriques, 225241
Do EMG and acceleration responses differ from heart rate responses to standing, ball games, exergames, agility activities and jumping activities in 7-12 year old children?
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Physical Activity, a crucial determinant of mental health and quality of adolescent life: A cross sectional study in college going females
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Physical activity: Perceptions and behaviours, and the association with well-being
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Pay to Play: Perceptions of sports participation fees policies among US high school athletic directors
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Variation in high sitting time by sociodemographic factors
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Self-efficacy scale for breaking up prolonged sitting among office workers: Development and validity
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Improving mental health in colleges through physical activity
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Relevance of physical fitness in the association of red and processed meat consumption with all–cause, cardiovascular, and cancer mortality: a UK Biobank cohort study
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Associations of health-related quality of life with sedentary time and physical activity in children
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Results from the Healthy School Start Plus Study for prevention of childhood obesity in disadvantaged areas through parental support in the school setting.
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Change in patterns of physical activity, sedentary behaviour and health-related lifestyles on the transition to adulthood: Do sport participation matters?
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Shared Records: A gateway to reducing barriers to activity referral schemes
ISPAH ePoster Library, Elanor Reynolds, 225307
Evaluation of the Northumberland Exercise on Referral Scheme: Weight loss, physical activity and differential effects between sociodemographic sub-groups in overweight and obese referrals
ISPAH ePoster Library, Caroline Dodd-Reynolds, 225310
A pilot bodyweight exercise intervention within the workplace
ISPAH ePoster Library, Valerie Gladwell, 225312
Effects of main transportation mode on physical activity and frailty in Japanese older adults living in rural areas
ISPAH ePoster Library, Takumi Abe, 225322
Standing desks in a grade 4 classroom
ISPAH ePoster Library, Sharon Parry, 225326
Comparison of accelerometer cut-points for estimating physical activity in frail older adults
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Moving to an active lifestyle? A systematic review of the effects of residential relocation on walking, physical activity, and travel behaviour
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Relationship between the combination of leisure-time physical activity and fear of falls on physical function in older people
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Active commuting to school patterns and associations with socio-economic level in Spanish preschoolers
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Seasonal variation in physical activity and sedentary behaviour patterns during spring and autumn in central european older adults
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Two-year changes in body composition, physical activity, and selected metabolic risk factors among adolescents living in the North West province of South Africa: The PAHL study
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Effects of telephone based coaching and prompting on self-reported physical activity: First results of the randomized controlled trial Movingcall®
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Impact of locomotive disorders on the correlation between depression and physical activity/inactivity in community-dwelling elderly
ISPAH ePoster Library, Rei Ono, 225387
The conditions for implementing successful workplace travel plans in Ireland
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Implementing policies promoting active and healthy lifestyles in Israeli Health Promoting Schools: An ecological approach
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Impact of different evaluation methods on the dropout rate of objectively detected physical activity on age specific subgroups: Results from the Motorik-Modul-Study (MoMo)
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The multivariate physical activity signature associated with metabolic health in children
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Assessing the social climate of physical activity in Canada
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Physical activity and sedentary behaviour legislation in Canadian childcare facilities: An update
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Heart rate variability in older adults undergoing exergames and aerobic exercise training: A randomised controlled trial
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Effects of different gender, age and parents' support on physical activity and sedentary behaviour of Chinese children and adolescent
ISPAH ePoster Library, Qiang Guo, 225419
Describing the diurnal relationships between objectively measured mother and infant physical activity
ISPAH ePoster Library, Alessandra Prioreschi, 225433
Neighborhood walkability and physical activity of Czech adolescents
ISPAH ePoster Library, Josef Mitáš, 225439
Part of the MOVEment: A mechanism for mobilizing Cheshire and Warrington to reduce inactivity
ISPAH ePoster Library, Anne Boyd, 225451
Counselling in a health care setting combined with the standardized sports club exercise programme JACKPOT positively affects the physical activity behaviour: A quasi-experimental design
ISPAH ePoster Library, Sylvia Titze, 225452
What are the main parental barriers to active commuting to school of their children?
ISPAH ePoster Library, Maria Jesus Aranda-Balboa, 225455
What lurks behind the curtain? A critical review of the process of developing self-determination theory-based interventions to promote physical activity in clinical populations
ISPAH ePoster Library, Eleanor Whittaker, 225456
Motor skills in Italian, Greek and Norwegen 7-8 years old children
ISPAH ePoster Library, Patrizia Tortella, 225466
Sitting less at work as an input to the 24-hours movement behaviours model
ISPAH ePoster Library, Anna Maria Puig, 225467
A new intervention model for increasing physical activity levels in fitness centres based on the Behaviour Change Wheel
ISPAH ePoster Library, Jorge López-Fernández, 225470
Impact of physical activity promotion on Thai’s physical activity: Evaluating health promotion policy implemented by Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Thailand
ISPAH ePoster Library, Piyawat Katewongsa, 225472
Addressing inequalities in health through a community-led, place based, collaborative approach to promoting physical activity
ISPAH ePoster Library, Emma Gibson, 225473
A randomised-cluster feasibility trial developing a standing habit within desk-based workers
ISPAH ePoster Library, Robert Copeland, 225483
Stage of change for physical activity in adolescents considering built environment and psychosocial factors
ISPAH ePoster Library, Susana Aznar Lain, 225487
Does running in a group change individual cadence (steps/min)?
ISPAH ePoster Library, Colleen Sands, 225518
A multicomponent exercise trial for advanced prostate cancer: A study protocol
ISPAH ePoster Library, Malcolm Brown, 225521
Health related quality of life in children: A healthy generation
ISPAH ePoster Library, Susanne Andermo, 225522
Assessment of physical activity in preschoolers
ISPAH ePoster Library, Celine Roda, 225531
Chronic effects of reducing sitting time on glucose metabolism: Systematic review and meta-analysis
ISPAH ePoster Library, Paddy Dempsey, 225534
App engagement and weight loss in a mobile health study (mDiab)
ISPAH ePoster Library, Ranjani Harish, 225537
Exploring the acceptability and feasibility of using activity monitors to support increased physical activity within an exercise referral scheme for adults with, or at risk of, a chronic health condition
ISPAH ePoster Library, Emily Oliver, 225538
Exploring the relationship between early childhood education students' physical activity training and self-efficacy to facilitate active opportunities in childcare
ISPAH ePoster Library, Brianne Bruijns, 225545
Promoting healthy weight in pre-school: co-production of an online training resource for multi-agency professionals
ISPAH ePoster Library, Paula Mary Watson, 225548
Active Future: An 8-week programme to engage marginalised adolescents in a health and education initiative
ISPAH ePoster Library, Niamh Spratt-O'Shea, 225549
To ensure the next generation of doctors can advise patients on physical activity for both the treatment and prevention of chronic disease
ISPAH ePoster Library, Chris Rufford, 225561
Occupational sedentary time and associations with adiposity markers: a quantile regression analysis
ISPAH ePoster Library, Alexandra Clarke-Cornwell, 225567
Permanency of a movement behavior change in older women: Assessment of intervention based on walking to work
ISPAH ePoster Library, Roman Cuberek, 225578
The effect of physical activity and dietary behaviours on the blood pressure and hypertension status of food-insecure overweight adults living in resource-poor South African communities
ISPAH ePoster Library, Kufre Okop, 225582
Efficacy of a physical activity intervention on physical activity levels of patients with chronic low back pain (PAyBACK trial): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial
ISPAH ePoster Library, Crystian Oliveira, 225585
Exploring the influence of childcare type on physical activity and sedentary time of a nationally representative sample of Canadian preschoolers
ISPAH ePoster Library, Julie Statler, 225586
Primary health care digital tools for physical activity surveillance and brief advice in the Portuguese National Health Service
ISPAH ePoster Library, Romeu Mendes, 225593
TV programme on national television as media-based physical activity promotion campaign: Preliminary results
ISPAH ePoster Library, Danijel Jurakic, 225594
The contribution of active commuting to total daily moderate to vigorous physical activity
ISPAH ePoster Library, Alexandra Clarke-Cornwell, 225595
Physical activity in individuals with early signs of hip/knee osteoarthritis : A feasibility study
ISPAH ePoster Library, Prasath Jayakaran, 225596
The perceived built and social environments, objectively measured physical activity and body weight changes in a longitudinal cohort of South Africans from low-income communities: STOP-SA (Slow, Stop or Stem the Tide of Obesity in the People of South Africa)
ISPAH ePoster Library, Vicki Lambert, 225597
Association of physical activity and physical fitness with academic achievement in adolescents
ISPAH ePoster Library, Jose Ribeiro, 225599
Wear compliance, sedentary behaviour and activity in free-living children from hip-and wrist-mounted ActiGraph GT3X+ accelerometers
ISPAH ePoster Library, Gillian McLellan, 226310

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