Validity of recommended equation for estimated resting metabolic rate among female university students
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It’s been life changing : Perceived benefits of participation in the ‘Live Active’ exercise referral scheme
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A comprehensive survey of physical activity in a Thai medical school using the Medical School Physical Activity Report Card (MSPARC)
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Urban Forest Health Intervention Program (UFHIP) to promote physical activity and reduce risk behaviours among adolescents at risk
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Neighbourhood walk score and falls among older Taiwanese adults
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Change4Life Sports Clubs
ISPAH ePoster Library, Chris Wright, 225103
Evaluating the effectiveness of a health promotion intervention program among physiotherapy undergraduate students
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Evaluation of the 20mph/30kph speed limit policies in Edinburgh and Belfast: Exploring the political decision making processes
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Characteristics of park usage by children and adolescents, Bucaramanga, Colombia: A secondary analysis
ISPAH ePoster Library, Diana Marina Camargo, 225134
Individual and built environmental factors associated to physical activity in park users in Colombia: A preliminary analysis.
ISPAH ePoster Library, Diana Marina Camargo, 225135
Dynamic accuracy of the GPS receiver Holux RCV-3000 in different active transport modes
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Evaluating motor competence interventions for children’s physical activity, fitness, health and academic performance
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The topic of “health” in PE teacher education in Bavaria: Results of the project
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Using GPS and accelerometry to explore the use of green space for physical activity of older adults
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Factors associated with successful implementation of the primary school physical activity initiative the Daily Mile
ISPAH ePoster Library, Gemma Ryde, 225201
Exploring the need for novelty in bariatric patients' life and in an exercise setting: A qualitative study
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Can walkability reduce neighbourhood inequalities in physical function? A case study among middle-aged to older adults in Brisbane, Australia
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Active Bucks: Engaging and retaining inactive residents in self-sustaining activities
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Evaluation of Project Spraoi: Ireland’s first whole-of-school physical activity, FMS and nutrition intervention aimed at primary school children
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Development of population-specific resting metabolic rate predictive equation for use among adults in Trinidad and Tobago
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The contribution of genetic and environmental factors to the association between leisure-time physical activity and academic performance: A longitudinal twin study
ISPAH ePoster Library, Sari Aaltonen, 225251
Determinants of change in television viewing time over 10 years during adulthood
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Variation in high sitting time by sociodemographic factors
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Potential of prediction and trend analysis of sport preferences in context with physical activity
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Self-efficacy scale for breaking up prolonged sitting among office workers: Development and validity
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Weekly patterns of physical activity and sleep, and overweight in adolescents
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Results from the Healthy School Start Plus Study for prevention of childhood obesity in disadvantaged areas through parental support in the school setting.
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Robust compositional analysis of physical activity and sedentary behavior in Czech adolescents
ISPAH ePoster Library, Jan Dygryn, 225300
A pilot bodyweight exercise intervention within the workplace
ISPAH ePoster Library, Valerie Gladwell, 225312
Love Activity, Hate Exercise? A co-produced national physical activity campaign from The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, UK.
ISPAH ePoster Library, Sara Hazzard, 225316
24-hour activity profiles and longitudinal associations with health-related quality of life in breast cancer survivors
ISPAH ePoster Library, Terry Boyle, 225330
Relationship between the combination of leisure-time physical activity and fear of falls on physical function in older people
ISPAH ePoster Library, Taiki Inoue, 225343
Seven year longitudinal associations between children’s motor competence, amount and diversified of physical activity
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Pupils’ experiences of autonomy, competence and relatedness in a physical activity intervention
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Assessments of physical literacy in children aged 3-7 years: A series of systematic reviews
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Seasonal variation in physical activity and sedentary behaviour patterns during spring and autumn in central european older adults
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Two-year changes in body composition, physical activity, and selected metabolic risk factors among adolescents living in the North West province of South Africa: The PAHL study
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Effects of telephone based coaching and prompting on self-reported physical activity: First results of the randomized controlled trial Movingcall®
ISPAH ePoster Library, Xenia Fischer, 225376
Helping more people to GetOutside more often
ISPAH ePoster Library, Nick Giles, 225410
Daily pattern of active commuting in Chilean adult according to gender and day of the week
ISPAH ePoster Library, Timoteo Araujo, 225413
What contribution could a voucher scheme make to population-wide adoption of a sport subsidy voucher scheme amongst Australian children?
ISPAH ePoster Library, Lindsey Reece, 225427
Health impact assessment of public park for physical activity: A case study of Betong Municipality, Yala Province, Thailand
ISPAH ePoster Library, Phen Sukmag, 225443
What lurks behind the curtain? A critical review of the process of developing self-determination theory-based interventions to promote physical activity in clinical populations
ISPAH ePoster Library, Eleanor Whittaker, 225456
Reliability of a parents’ questionnaire to assess the behaviour of commuting to and from school: The PACO project
ISPAH ePoster Library, Maria Jesus Aranda-Balboa, 225460
Impact of physical activity promotion on Thai’s physical activity: Evaluating health promotion policy implemented by Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Thailand
ISPAH ePoster Library, Piyawat Katewongsa, 225472
Addressing inequalities in health through a community-led, place based, collaborative approach to promoting physical activity
ISPAH ePoster Library, Emma Gibson, 225473
Learning how to get more people living active lives, improving inclusivity in sport and physical activity and improving wider outcomes at population level through a place based whole system approach
ISPAH ePoster Library, Chris Perks, 225477
Intervention Mapping: Physical activity with socially disadvantaged women
ISPAH ePoster Library, Kathryn Brook, 225478
Life satisfaction and physical activity in adolescents
ISPAH ePoster Library, Lukas Jakubec, 225492
Implementation of comprehensive school physical activity programs in elementary schools: Be a Champion!
ISPAH ePoster Library, Justin Moore, 225507
Can high intensity interval training be fun enough to motivate desk-top workers for continued participation? A practice-based study of HIIT@WORK
ISPAH ePoster Library, Ine De Clerck, 225509
A multicomponent exercise trial for advanced prostate cancer: A study protocol
ISPAH ePoster Library, Malcolm Brown, 225521
Health related quality of life in children: A healthy generation
ISPAH ePoster Library, Susanne Andermo, 225522
Effects of parental environments on screen-time behaviour among Thai children
ISPAH ePoster Library, Kornkanok Pongpradit, 225524
App engagement and weight loss in a mobile health study (mDiab)
ISPAH ePoster Library, Ranjani Harish, 225537
Exploring the acceptability and feasibility of using activity monitors to support increased physical activity within an exercise referral scheme for adults with, or at risk of, a chronic health condition
ISPAH ePoster Library, Emily Oliver, 225538
Physical activity as constituent part of osteoporosis treatment
ISPAH ePoster Library, Kamalya Rustamova, 225540
Efficacy of a physical activity intervention on physical activity levels of patients with chronic low back pain (PAyBACK trial): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial
ISPAH ePoster Library, Crystian Oliveira, 225585
Exploring the influence of childcare type on physical activity and sedentary time of a nationally representative sample of Canadian preschoolers
ISPAH ePoster Library, Julie Statler, 225586
Which factors influence patients with chronic low back pain meeting physical activity and sedentary recommendation?
ISPAH ePoster Library, Crystian Oliveira, 225588
Wear compliance, sedentary behaviour and activity in free-living children from hip-and wrist-mounted ActiGraph GT3X+ accelerometers
ISPAH ePoster Library, Gillian McLellan, 226310
Adolescent girls’ objectively measured physical activity and the role of physical active homework
ISPAH ePoster Library, Mari Kääpä, 233963

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